Tanahat Monastery

Tanahat Monastery is located 6 km west from the RESORT MJA on the right shore of upper stream of the River Sisian. One of the remarkable monastic complexes of Syunik, Tanahat Monastery, is situated in the upland plain. The foundation of this complex is referred to V-VI centuries.

The Monastery was built from reddish stones, that is why the locals call it “Red Monastery”. The layouts are made of huge, polished stones from outside and inside, and there are two entrances – southern and western. The Monastery had a porch in the southern side. St. Orbelyan, enumerating thirty large monasteries and churches of  Syunik, reports that the head and source of much grace among all monasteries of Syunik home is  Tatev. It is followed by great virtuous, Tanahat Monastery. Orbelian makes comments on the name of the monastery as well. The ecclesiastics of the Monastery, refusing to eat any kind of soft food, ate only vegetables and nuts, refusing even to drink tan, therefore they were called ‘tanahatner’, hence the Monastery was called Tanahat. According to tradition, the Monastery was founded by Mkhitar Hermit, whose tomb is located near the Monastery. Gh. Alishan assumed that in ancient times the temple of Goddess Anahit was situated in the place of Tanahat. There are remnants of residence, huge and crude gravestones and stone-crosses around the Monastery. In 1975 a cuneiform inscription written by Urartu King Argishti II (VII century BC) was founded in the ruins of the Monastery and now is preserved in Erebuni Museum, which is carved on the both sides of basalt stone pillar. The Monastery is in dilapidated condition.


Castle Vasakaberd

Castle Vasakaberd is located 1 km north from RESORT MJA, on the hill situated on the corner of the mixing of two streams near the village Hacavan in Sisian Region. Huge remains of the Castle have been protected. This ancient sight is known as Vasakashat, Vasakakert and Vasakaberd. It was founded by the Armeninan marzpan (governor) Vasak Suny  in the V century and served as his residence. The three sides of the hill are steep, and only the eastern side is slightly available, where an old fortress is situated, which had two enclosures. There is a basin on top of the fortress, the water of which was brought from the southern side of the mountains. There are three small caves in the cliff. Remains of houses can be seen both around the fortress and inside of the fortress. It should be noted that jars were found in the northern foot of the fortress, on the shore of the river. The eastern slope of the hill is deeply drilled, out of which silver was sometimes exported. Now the fortress is dilapidated.


The River Sisian

The River Sisian is located 30 meters south from RESORT MJA. It starts from the northern slope of the Mountain Peak Shahaponk of Zangezur Mountain Range from about 3140 meters height. The length of the river is 37 km, the watershed is about 395 cube meters. In the upper and middle streams it flows through V- shaped valley, then through spacious trough valley, where the Tolors Reservoir was built. The supply of the reservoir is mixed, it is mostly supplied with waters from rain and snow. The water is used for irrigation and energy aims. The Tolors Reservoir is located 300 meters away to the east  from RESORT MJA